The ADX strategy

This strategy is based on ADX, enabling Gunbot to buy when prices are moving up and ADX indicates a strong uptrend.
Sell orders are placed when prices move down and a strong downtrend is measured. To refine this strategy, other indicators are available to be used as confirmation for both buying and selling.
For example you could have Gunbot buy when prices are moving up with a strong trend and RSI is 40 or lower.

Strategy parameters

Following settings options are available for ADX and can be set in the strategy configurator of the GUI or the strategies section of the config.js file.
These settings are global and apply to all pairs running this strategy.
When you want a specific parameter to be different for one or more pairs, use an override at the pair level.
Using the BUY_METHOD and SELL_METHOD parameters you can combine different methods for buying and selling. This strategy page assumes both BUY_METHOD and SELL_METHOD are set to ADX.

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